21 Damn Early Days

Are You Up For The Challenge?

January: the time of year we’ve labelled as a reset and our reason to start fresh. We make new commitments to our health, finances and selves as a whole. While these commitments are great, they’re predictable. You’ll join everyone else in the gym on January 2nd for a few busy weeks and opt for green smoothies.

We wanted to take on a challenge here at RYU with our community, but wanted something different; something that was crazy, unconventional and would shake up our routines.

21 Damn Early Days.
Put on by two of our RYU Connectors, this challenge is pushing people to wake up at 4:30 AM Monday to Friday for 21 days. It helps you create the time to focus on what you’d like to make a priority in your life.

Be Untouchable.
Your phone doesn’t ring, your inbox isn’t blowing up… no one is really awake to ask you for your attention. Between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30 AM, you’re almost untouchable. This allows you to really make time for those other goals that you’re setting for yourself and give it your undivided attention.

Build Effective Habits + Strong Starts.
We’re athletes.  We set goals and we work hard to smash them.  This challenge will be giving us a strong start to our day and allow us to set new foundations in our lives while creating new habits.

Join In + Follow Along.
Our Brand Connector and Social Media Manager will be joining our RYU Connectors in the challenge and sharing stories about how the start of their 2017 is going.

It’s time to focus and get back on track – the challenge kicks off on January 3rd 2017.  You can participate from anywhere – join here.