Crush Your Goals

Declaring goals is one thing. Achieving them is another. Check out our blog over the next few weeks for great goal achieving strategies, real world success tactics and valuable tips from leaders who have a proven record of helping people achieve their goals, no matter how big they are.


Not only has RYU been voted best workout and training gear by places like Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Oxygen and Outside Magazine, we have a program that rewards you for achieving your fitness goals. This is how it works:  Purchase any RYU garments either online or at our retail locations. If in one year your size changes (either by slimming down or gaining muscle mass), bring those same items back and we’ll exchange them in your new size for 50% off. Then we’ll donate your old gear to charity. This is an original program no other apparel company in the world offers. To our way of thinking, why should you pay more just because you achieved your goals?


We offer everything to help make your goals a reality including free in-store workouts with leading trainers, hosted seminars by fitness and nutrition professionals, as well as events and experiences throughout the community. Check out everything on our events tab on our facebook page.