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Why Work at RYU?

Our CEO, Marcello Leone, is a visionary and with his vision has created a brand and a working environment that leads us to want to lead our very best lives.

This is the guiding mission, which defines RYU’s company culture and the people we hire. We have core philosophies as it relates to the talented people with whom we work, and at the heart of RYU’s career opportunities. A few words from Marcello:

  1. We hire entrepreneurs: Surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs; anyone who has ever had their own company knows what it takes to roll up their sleeves and start from scratch. We believe that hiring entrepreneurs who have already built successful businesses to lead key departments, as we will be scaling quickly and want to consistently be evolving the dynamics within the company.
  2. Our culture is key: In order to build a global brand, we need to incorporate into our thinking a completely different perspective. You can’t micro-manage every little detail, so you need to build a culture in which your people are empowered to execute. We focus at RYU, on breeding confidence within our teams so that we can achieve the goals we set together, and foster trust as the business grows. We value above all Respect, Discipline, Vitality, Curiosity and Freedom to follow your passion and expression. If we fail in any of these, we will own and acknowledge it as being human and then get back on track.
  3. We stay true to our DNA: We must hold the line, even when it gets difficult. That means being true and authentic in everything that we do. Sooner or later it turns. When it does, it can be really powerful and exciting. Our mantra is to stay true to what we’re doing, with the recognition that it takes time.
  4. We worry every day. This isn’t for the faint of heart. We worry every day that we’re doing the right things. We’re a publicly traded company. It’s much different from a private family business. As CEO, I am accountable to our employees, their families and our shareholders. Whomever joins our team here needs to take this responsibility very, very seriously.
  5. We believe in possibility. “I believe that everything in life is possible.” (Marcello Leone, RYU CEO). We decide what we want and then we are relentless in taking action every day to bring us closer to that goal. And we all realize here, that no matter how hard, you have to keep going, because that’s when you win. If we have learned anything from our time on Earth, it’s that anything and everything is possible.

If you are inspired by our five principles, and think that you are bright, fun, athletic and interested in joining a company that can truly change the way we think about our universe, either in our Vancouver HQ or one of our RYU stores, please search our current job opportunities. We’d love to hear from you!

While we sincerely thank all applicants for their interest in RYU, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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