We design clothing that fits and functions better.

At RYU, our intention is to design technology forward clothing and products that are useful and help facilitate human performance no matter what you’re doing. We believe that products should be built with purpose; successfully streamlined function and emotion are tech friendly and multi-purpose. In a revolutionary experiment where raw athletic talent met technical design superiority, RYU pioneered a new design process to bring the very best urban athletic apparel to the market.

Creating a New Design Standard in Tech Clothing

The intention with RYU’s design studio was to create a distinct design lab that brought real user designer interface into one ideal location. We began by recruiting some of the best designers and product engineers, and we decided to do things differently.

For instance, it’s common practice in fashion today for designers to develop illustrations and send them overseas where they are turned into something that’s a representation of the original idea. Instead of sending sketches or computer drawings to the factories, our design team physically builds the actual prototypes in house, what has become a lost art in the apparel industry. Then, we take those same prototypes, beat the crap out of them, refine them, rebuild them and make them better.

From the Athlete’s Perspective: Built to Last

The best product solutions come from a combination of design thinking and engineering. However, the best ideas happen when you really dig down into the specific shortcomings in a human experience. That’s why we go straight to the source for the RYU brand. Our solutions are built from our athletes’ insights and personal experiences, not third party consumer research. When we hire people at our corporate HQ, we look to hire individuals whose athletic lifestyles are a fundamental dimension to the way they live their lives. Should you join our company, orientation includes going to our design studio to be measured. Have you ever done that before on day one of a new job?

We strive to understand the needs of our athletic community better than they do and we never stop thinking about how to facilitate human performance. Our design process radiates beyond just athletic apparel, it encompasses how we are living our lives.

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Juliet, Product & Brand Director

Our Vancouver design team

Overseen by Juliet Korver, competitive athlete and Product Director at RYU, all apparel designs, textiles, graphics and colors must pass through the hard lens of performance, quality and durability before anything ever goes into production.

Rather than focusing on individual hero pieces, our design lab is focused on creating entire collections that have been curated to solve problems for athletes; such as our , re-engineered layers designed with durability and minimalism in mind, or our ultralight Vapor Collection, which we created to help handle your sweat are:

What is essential?
Why do you need it?
What could be left behind?

All of these elements are incorporated into our apparel creation process to ensure that we deliver the most efficient urban athletic apparel in the market.

Choosing Bluesign® certified mills whenever possible

It’s rare when industry competitors get together to collaborate, but it’s re-assuring to be in good company as Patagonia, The North Face, and REI, brands who similarly respect the values of sustainability, use Bluesign® and share in our collective struggle to do the right thing.

The Bluesign® system is the world’s most recognized solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls the standard for safe and environmentally friendly production.

We always choose local factories

We employ local factories and the majority of our fabrics come from local manufacturers. We see this as dual purpose; this shortens transportation distances, which in turn reduces energy and emissions. In addition, by building all our samples in-house, we eliminate the need to constantly have samples shipped back and forth from the factories during the design and prototyping phase.

Our patented and award-winning design

Whether its fit or fair-trade association, we work closely with our mills…to develop fabrics that provide comfort with performance flexibility and durability. We test our fabrics and designs before they ever make their way to you. We put a new fabric through hundreds of washes to ensure it doesn’t pill, to verify its fast-drying and wicking properties, and to add comfort, which allows you to focus on what you’re doing and not your garment. Lastly, we exhibit construction that allows our technical apparel to be less bulky and fully breathable.

We are honored that are our user-experience approach is patented and recognized by some of the most discerning judges in the business, our customers.

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