Now that it’s warmer, it’s a great opportunity to shrug off that stale gym air and get outside. #thisisagym celebrates the innovative ways athletes have found to kick up their results by periodically changing up their training environment. Whether it’s a park, beach, backyard, stairwell, alley or rooftop, there are countless places where you can create your own beautiful tough urban workout.

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If you’re looking for some streetwise training ideas, here’s 3 simple but challenging workouts you can try.

Blood Alley

20-1 Burpee Ladders

This workout can literally be done anywhere with no equipment whatsoever and takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes depending on how hard you are willing to go.

But be warned, it’s brutal. It’s a 20-1 burpee ladder. Complete 20 burpees and walk 5  meters across the alley. Then do 19 burpees and walk 5 meters back.  Follow this pattern until you are finished the entire 20-1 ladder. Form is everything so make sure your chest touches the ground each time and you jump a minimum of 6 inches off the ground with hips fully extended at the top of the jump.

 Balcony Blast

10x Dips

10x Pull-up

Ten Sets, rest 2 minutes between sets

This is a great mass building routine that’s simple to execute with a couple of equipment adaptations you can pretty much find anywhere. Complete 10 dips then immediately complete 10 pull-ups. Both must use full range of motion. Dip low and extend your elbows at the top. For the pull-ups, make sure your chest touches the bar and lower slowly to a full extension. For both movements, the push and pull-up is explosive, but the negatives should take about 4 seconds

900 Seconds to Hell

15 minutes, max reps

Let’s face it, some days there just isn’t time to train. So here’s a 15 minute solution you can do anywhere, anytime. This workout is simple, but not easy. The idea is to do as many reps as possible within the time frame. Pick 2-4 movements and work to failure on one exercise before moving on to the next. Cycle through all the exercises without pausing doing as many as you can before moving on to the next circuit. No rest between circuits.

Box jumps, step ups, squats, dips, pull-ups, push ups, lunges, thrusters, burpees. The list is endless. It really doesn’t matter what the movement is, or whether you use added weight or simply your own bodyweight. Push yourself to the limit for 15 minutes. The next time you do the workout, try to beat your last score. Think about it. If all you did was one of these 15 minute workouts every day for a month, you’d be well on your way to being fitter than you can imagine.

Show us your #thisisagym and you could WIN a $100 Gift Card

May 12, 2016