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Everyone knows you are supposed to exercise if you want to be healthy. Unfortunately, as a society, we have labeled exercise as a sweaty, stinky hour of your life that you need to sacrifice on a stationary bike next to some grunting meathead in a cramped commercial gym. Imagine, in order to hit your body weight goal you have to be a rat in a row of spinning recumbents with nothing to look at but the back of someone churning it out on the elliptical in front of you. Personally, I wouldn’t last long.

In my years of training I have discovered over and over that, even if you have the best intentions, if you are not having fun and not being challenged, you will quit.

RYU Rest & Recovery Clothing Collection 

If you like to run, run. If you like to climb, climb.

The successful people are those who find what they love and run with it. If you like to run, run; if you like to climb, climb; if you like to dance, dance! Now, here’s the kicker, you don’t have to pick one thing and become the best at it. Just because your friend is a runner, loves it, and doesn’t want to do anything else doesn’t mean that has to be you. People get a little too preoccupied with not being good at things and end up less willing to try new stuff, even if they might love it.


It’s ok to be bad at it.

After a whole lot of soul searching and experimentation I figured out that I am a football, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and tennis player, surfer, snowboarder, climber, hiker, biker, runner, weightlifter, dancer, and a bit of a yogi. I am not an elite level athlete in any of these domains but I am definitely an expert in movement. It has been shown time and time again that the body benefits most from a wide variety of different, dynamic movement types and exercise intensities. So if you can’t decide how exactly you want to get in shape, don’t worry about it, just try something, see if you like it, and go from there. It's ok to be bad at it!

Think back to when you were a kid, what sorts of active things did you like to do? Climb trees? Build forts? Wrestle? Jump on a trampoline? We did all these things because they were fun not because we were trying to get a workout. We weren’t thinking about how many calories we were burning or what muscles we were targeting. We were active because this was how we had fun with our friends. It just so happens that these years of play are some of the most important developmental years of your life both physically and socially. The things we crave as adults are no different. We crave fun; we crave community; and we crave success. There can be no success without challenge and no challenge without adversity. But that adversity doesn't stand a chance if you’re well supported and having fun along the way.

RYU Rest & Recovery Clothing Collection 

Rediscover your passion.

In the past few years alone, the types of exercise methods and fitness services available have absolutely exploded! There are leagues for every sport, there are clubs and social groups for pretty much every outdoor activity. There are even places where you can go for a 1hr cardio rave before work. If you haven’t found the kind of sweatyness that makes you tick, trust me, it exists, keep looking!

Written by Ben Carr
Professional Training Coach
Innovative Fitness, Kitsilano

April 07, 2016 — Ben Carr
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