A symbol for mutiny and resistance, the legendary black rose has been used throughout history to represent the death of the old order and signify the birth of a new era. Which is why we felt it most authentically captured our intention to break the uniform as we think beyond conventional solutions.

At RYU, we look at every design decision as a way to further express ourselves as individuals and as a brand. Color and prints play a major role in curating a line that reflects the lives of our athletes. Starting with our distinctive grey and black palette, we have slowly added splashes of color and prints to bring this vision to life.

Breaking the Uniform One Design At a Time

Since our inception, we’ve been committed to mercilessly break the uniform. Gone are the jellybean colors, poorly fitting styles and overbuilt, cluttered designs that athletes have traditionally had to put up with. Instead we’ve replaced them with tailored, technical apparel that performs under the most grueling conditions but is stylish and comfortable enough to wear anytime of the day. Not just when you’re training.

Take our Tough Tight for example. Designed to stay in place no matter how active you are, the special TecLayr™ fabric stretches beautifully over your body without slipping down or bagging out. The TriLayr™ waistband gently compresses your core while the innovative design subtly lifts your butt. Ultra sweat wicking and anti-pilling, these will make you feel different than any tight you’ve ever tried on.

The same goes for our TecLayr™ Bra Top. This innovative multi-purpose garment featuring a cropped, racerback design that is well fitting and super flattering no matter what your shape. Lightweight and quick drying, this revolutionary Bra Top is designed with an inner pocket and an internal mesh insert to vent heat and sweat.

Both these garments are extremely comfortable, ultimately wearable, and showcase RYU’s commitment to making tailored technical apparel that fits your life as beautifully as it fits your body.

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April 13, 2016 — Rik Klingle-Watt