Full on athletic tech. Versatile and insulated, this is great for layering over your workout clothes while you warm up or for wearing around town or Sunday brunch.
With its tailored shape and button down look, it’s the perfect grab ‘n go jacket to complement your busy life.

Made with our proprietary OutLayr™ fabrics engineered for maximum protection from the elements with the ultimate goal of keeping you feeling good pre, during and post training.

Men’s OutLayr™ Insulated Jacket

Key Features
Easily Packable
Water repellent
Lightweight and quick drying
Ultra comfortable
Snug inner cuff prevents cold air from entering sleeves
Keeps core body temperature consistent
Button down front
Handy side pockets
Chest pocket for easy storage
Inner security pocket for keeping cards and keys
Side slits provide extra room when you need it
Designer quilt keeps even distribution of insulation even after many washes
Locker Loop means no more dropping on a wet change room floor

Outer Shell: OutLayr™/100% polyester
Water repellent, quick drying, lightweight outer fabric helps to guard from the elements to get you to and from your training or wherever you are going.

Insulation: OutLayr™/100% polyester fiber insulation
Water repellent, quick drying, lightweight polyester fiber, mimics down without any of its disadvantages. Quickly packable to a small size, this easy to care for insulation will keep you warm on those chilly days

Lining: OutLayr™/100% nylon
Quick drying lightweight lining is smooth and silky so it slides easily over any clothing without catching or binding.

November 26, 2015 — Team RYU Canada