RYU Workout Shirt

I’d never write a review, much less an endorsement for a product I was not intimately familiar with. So when I was asked if I could talk about the new RYU TecLayr™ Long Sleeve Tech Tee I jumped at the chance.

This is actually a garment I purchased before Christmas. I usually gravitate to t-shirts or sleeveless tops, but after trying on this long sleeve Tech Tee at the RYU flagship store, I decided to give it a try.

RYU Workout Shirt
RYU Workout Shirt

First the high points. I look great in it. Yeah, that’s shallow, but it’s the truth. It fits so unbelievably well. It’s a relaxed athletic fit that delineates my chest, shoulder and triceps while draping nicely over my waist. It’s super comfortable and moves effortlessly with my body, not against it - no doubt due to the unique TecLayr™ fabric with 4-way stretch Spandex.

I typically wear it for work rather than working out, but that changed recently. A few weeks ago I overslept and didn’t pack my bag properly. Arriving at the gym I realized I’d forgotten my shirt. I had no option but to train in the Tech Tee I had on. I was surprised at how well it performed. It wicked the sweat away from my body quickly and didn’t inhibit my movements. I was worried how I’d feel working all day in front of a computer, but it dried really fast and best of all, I didn’t smell like an old sweat sock. I discovered that’s due to their use of used coffee grounds in the coating of the yarn, (yes, I said coffee grounds!) that permanently provides UV protection and effective odor control

It also has the coolest pocket feature that I didn’t notice until after I bought it. Hidden in the seam of the raglan sleeve is a place to stash a gym card, key or fob. Plus a handy locker loop on the inside collar so I can hang it anywhere.

RYU Workout Shirt

Overall, the TecLayr™ Long Sleeve Tech Tee does everything RYU said it would. My only surprise was that it fit much better and was more comfortable than I expected a long sleeve training shirt to be.

Athlete: Rik Klingle-Watt
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Training: Traditional karate, weight training, Yoga
RYU Faves: TechLayr Long Sleeve Tech Tee, OutLayr Insulated Jacket & RYU Classic Beanie

January 21, 2016 — Rik Klingle-Watt
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