Less is more. We’ve all heard the saying and for some of us it is a call to improve our lives, spend more time doing things well, and streamline our actions in a world of too many choices. In design, it is also a guiding mantra that led us to really focus on what’s important and needed in a product.

When we first began contemplating how to revolutionize the iconic gym bag, we knew we had to deliver a product that was built for athletes and looked after their needs. It had to be a reflection of their lifestyle and integrate with their lives 24/7. At first we had a long list of conditions that had to be satisfied – from equipment that had to be carried, to the parts of the day it had to used, and the ways and routes travelled to and from workouts.


Then we looked at how we could distil this down to its most base elements by priority. Number one was that it carries what was needed for a basic workout. Then we looked at the lifestyle and time that you would need to carry the packs. What we discovered in this phase was that we needed to design a pack that could be worn to work or play and would seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. The bag had to be a reflection of our customer’s style, grace and intention.

That was when we added, “less is more” to the philosophy.

If we could make a pack that was internally well organized, and featured all the details needed to get you from home to workout to work and back, AND looked good enough to wear into the office or workplace, we would hit the mark.

Through a long process that included countless discussions, samples and prototypes, we kept stripping down the exterior of the packs to the clean beautiful lines that appear today, with a thoughtful internal construction that looked after all the details.

We feel that you can carry our packs through any of the environments you may encounter in the world of the modern athlete, and that you will look good and feel prepared for whatever may come your way.

Athlete: Damien Kelly
Location: Squamish, Canada
Training:Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking
RYU Faves: TecLayr 2n1 Short, TecLayr Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee & Locker Pack Lux

April 07, 2016 — Damien Kelly
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