Top: TecLayr Tech Tee
Bottom: TecLayr 2N1 Short

Every athlete needs their favourite pair of go-to shorts they can throw in their bag with confidence, no matter what their training routine is. But it's hard to find the perfect short that can withstand your toughest workouts and provides support AND looks good at the same time.

Top: TecLayr Tech Tee
Bottom: TecLayr 2N1 Short

So we put our athletes to the test and asked them to give us their biggest complaints with their current training shorts.

Here is what they told us.

  • My shorts ride up
  • I’m always having to readjust them
  • There’s way too much extra fabric
  • The lining in my shorts is too loose
  • They don’t provide enough support
  • They chafe and rub against my skin
  • There are no pockets for my keys or phone
  • They look gaudy and not very good
  • They are poorly constructed

And the list goes on.

So we challenged our Beta 37.5 lab to take on a staple training garment and reinvent it. And solve our athlete's problems in the process. That's when they came up with the RYU Teclayr 2n1 Short. And athletes have been raving about them ever since.

These shorts are tough enough to withstand your toughest workout, yet look amazing on your body even when you are not training. Built with our innovative sweat wicking and fast drying technology to keep you cool and comfortable no matter what you are doing. Most importantly, they are designed with a relaxed outside fit and lined with a snug, Next To Skin fit liner. So the only thing moving will be you. Not your shorts.

Check out our shorts here.

August 17, 2016 — Ally Pintucci