When I first started my “fitness journey” I surrounded myself with the beasts. Everyone who could lift more, had better form, and higher endurance. I wanted to be just like them so I worked as closely as possible and learned as much as I could.

But since starting Move Society and diving into the world of training, I have never felt such passion and pride as I do when I see someone at the very beginning of their own journey. The drive it takes to get out of bed early and get into the gym. The amount of self-doubt that floods the minds of beginners is immense and to know that they are overcoming it and making it happen for themselves lights a fire in me to be better, to train harder and to educate myself more. It is so easy to become complacent and content, but seeing people grind to hit their first set of goals emotionally strikes me and pushes me to be a better form of myself.

So what’s in my bag? A LOT. This is why I love my Locker Pack; it’s truly the only bag I’ve ever owned that can fit it all!

RYU Goat Tape
• Wodies Wrist/Hand Straps
RYU TecLayr 2N1 Shorts
RYU TecLayr Tank
RYU Henley or Hoody
Spin Society Gear
• 3 Meals from my Sunday Meal Prep
RYU Water Bottle

No kidding….. it ALL fits!!


Written by Brent Price

Brent Price has spent the majority of his life being obese. Tipping the scales at a whopping 310 lbs, he made the decision 5 years ago to prioritize his health - with remarkable results. Brent trains at Studeo55 Crossfit 6 days a week along with regular running, swimming and spinning. He also offers lifestyle and fitness coaching at Move Society for people looking to start their own journey in health and fitness.

August 24, 2016 — Brent Price
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