As athletes, we were born to sweat. We understand the healthier and fitter we are, the better our bodies are at regulating core temperature. It’s our way of keeping our core body temperature as close to normal as possible, which in turn allows us to perform at peak physical levels.

The Vapor Collection

The human body’s optimal temperature for maximizing top line athletic performance is 37.5° C. But trying to maintain that delicate balance while ramping up training loads and intensity can be a challenge. So we created our new Vapor Collection to help handle your sweat. Featuring Men’s and Women’s tanks and tees, these ultra lightweight training tops will be indispensible workout gear.

The Harder You Train, The Harder It Works.

We see how hard you train. We also know if you’re not sweating buckets, you feel you’re not working hard enough. So it doesn’t matter if you’re running, spinning, sweating it out in a morning boot camp or taking in a hot yoga challenge, the new Vapor Collection from RYU will help you train harder, move faster and perform better thanks to several key innovations.

• Larger cross section of nylon + polyester yarn that increases the surface area so sweat can wick and evaporate faster
• Featherweight fabric won’t weigh you down
• Engineered mesh zones knit with seamless technology that creates better airflow
• Unlimited mechanical 4 way stretch
• Treated with Polygiene® to permanently control odor

Take a load off your back.

The real difference in our new Vapor Collection is how it feels when you put it on. It’s lightweight and airy. Designed with RYU’s distinctive Minimal + Modern aesthetic, the mechanical stretch fabric and seamless construction flows effortlessly with your body, keeping you cool and unrestricted no matter what activity you’re using it for.

When In Doubt Sweat It Out.

At RYU, we create functional training gear that looks great. Modern + Minimal with built in benefits athletes love. Lightweight and breathable, the new Vapor Collection continues that tradition with an emphasis on seamless construction and permanent odor control.

Seamless Construction

• The seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothing almost free of seams – reducing fabric & seam weight.
• The seamless knitting machines almost eliminate the need to produce and then sew together pieces of fabric, thus making the seam obsolete.
• Ability to transition from one fabric texture type to another without seaming
• Engineered zones that increase airflow

Permanent Odor Control

• Treated with Polygiene® to permanently control odor.
• Uses low concentration of silver chloride from recycled silver.
• Odor control will not wash out as the technology is bound and permanently integrated into the fabric.
• Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi at the source.
• Polygiene® only active on the textiles itself and does not interfere with your skin’s natural bacterial flora.
• Garments don’t need to be washed as often because bacteria does not grow as quickly.

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