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Date :

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Time :

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location :

Vancouver, West 4th

1745 West 4th Avenue
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Info :

Instructor: Nik Vasilyev

Class Description: Before being a TV personality, Nik studied biomechanics and physiology to strengthen and sculpt his body for a hollywood-worthy look. And before that, Nik was a competitive Muay Thai fighter for nearly a decade.

ACE (Aesthetics, Conditioning, and Endurance) is the child of Nik’s knowledge at building an athletic, aesthetic physique with conditioning to help you through the toughest bought.

Expect kettle bells, ropes, plyometrics, weights, and core galore in this full body frenzy.

Cost: $23 Drop-in fee

Nik’s Bio: The stage- his home and the camera- his friend, Nik Vasilyev (commonly known as Nik V) is an on-air personality that creates content for shows on CTV, Global TV and select US channels.

Leading by example, Nik V lives for the thrill of trying adventure activities across the world, training his body to its maximum potential, and educating people in person and over traditional media.

Nik is one of those people that could be teaching an intimate class one day, and be on a national tv series across the country the next day… literally.

Instagram handle: @thenikv