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Date :

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Time :

10:00 am - 10:50 am

Location :

New York, Williamsburg

76 North 4th Street
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Info :

Instructor: Dorian Cervantes

Description: “CARDIO DANCE YOUR ASS OFF” is a Dance team inspired hiit class that takes the elements of a Dance team performance and brings it to the studio, you don’t have to be a dancer to take class but you feel like one after. We Dance, We Sweat, We Kick Ass

About: Dorian Cervantes is a professional Dancer, Fitness Coach, Choreographer, Fierce Motivator, commercial actress, model, and overall chameleon of movement. Her devotion to the power of reshaping the body led her to explore different ways to condition it beyond dance. For the past 5 years Dorian has led classes in boutique studios and private gyms throughout NYC as well as conceptualized her two signature classes under the DORIANROCKSFIT brand. Cardio Dance Your A** Off is a dance team inspired workout that allows you to live out your half time performance fantasy. This class incorporates elements of hip hop, jazz, and 80’s inspired dance. What sets this apart from other Dance Cardio classes is the HIIT, use of heavier weights, and Dance team synchronized formations.