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Date :

Monday, March 11, 2019

Time :

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location :

Los Angeles, Abbot Kinney

1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd
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Info :

Type of Class: IKYA Tantra Meditation

Instructor: Eva Stensland

Date: March 4th (Every Monday in March)

Time: 7:00PM-8:00PM

Class Description: IKYA Tantra provides exercises that connect us to our signature, opens us up, expand us, re-programs, grounds, and upgrades us. It ACTIVATES levels of intelligence and sensation never used before. It’s the bridge, the tools you need, It’s a gift.

IKYA Tantra Meditation Topic Examples:

1) The column- Who and how you are

2) The rules of the game- the new one

3) Embrace your spiritual blueprint Become the Embodiment

4) Spiritual keys to freedom

5) How tantra relates to your flow, joy and success

6) Use your magnetic and electric energy for growth and joy

7) Learn to be in conscious dialogue with life

8) Be a rainbow of shamelessness (no single shade of gray)

9) Orgasm, and why it exists

10) Soul-signature lab. Bringing it all together

Cost: Donation of $5 or more to the Scleroderma Foundation of Southern California

Bio: Eva Stensland is a Norwegian woman born in Brooklyn. Studied Silkscreen at School of Visual Arts and then Interdisciplinary Art at San Fransisco State in the 80s. Did performance art, short film, tv appearances as well as sculpture and silkscreen showings. Always painting, her Minor in Script Writing led to jobs, and led to 20 years in the film industry. She has a pre-med background and years of studies in various complementary medicine disciplines, worked as a life style and food writer and coach. Also worked as a spa therapist with organic methods taught by Italian Monks. Eva began Tantra Massage in the early 1990s, and collaborated with sexologists, working with emotional trauma and issues related to sexuality. Eva ran her own clinic, Oneness, for 8 years in Oslo, offering massage and IKYA treatments, with flower essences, until I accessed this portal of information about universal principles and powerful tools that finally made my life work, IKYA. Her interest in art and spirituality forms the web that knits her life together.In 2015 she began a new chapter in her life by entering IKYA Academy of Vibrational Medicine as a full time student. The four years in deep commitment gave her life a new direction. When IKYA began its own branch of Tantra 2018, Eva was part of the core team,she felt ready to follow her passion, launching IKYA in LA.

Social Handles: evastensland@gmail.com, heartofnature.org, ❤ of Nature and Tantra Heart on FB