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Date :

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Time :

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location :

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Info :

Rise Beyond the Rest & Step into the Future of Fitness Training” ShapeTecis the 1st bringing Europe’s most Revolutionary “High-Tech” fitness trend to the greater Los Angeles region.

Trainers: ShapeTec‘s Founders & Partners, Cezanne Mazur, Miro Mazur, Jeremy Tristan & Zoe Heigh
Workout: Sessions will take between 15-30 Minutes (Depending on whether a “Full” Session is completed) – hence it would be best to have 30 mins time slots for people to RSVP.
“NO TIME?, NO EXCUSE!”  ShapeTec implements the most efficient workout method, delivering results that can be achieved within a 6 hour conventional workout, BUT IN ONLY 20 Mins/Week!  ShapeTec makes things even more convenient by bringing the “Futuristic Gym” to YOU! SAVING TIME – your most valuable asset!
You can now say goodbye to conventional gyms, which we predict will soon will be a thing of the past, and say hello to the future of fitness – a concept that has already revolutionized the global fitness industry.
Social Handles: Facebook \ YouTube \ Instagram: @shapetec.fitness

Cezanne Mazur


Website: www.ShapeTecFitness.com