We believe that true innovation is found in the art of respectful collaboration. That’s why we look beyond our own walls and assumptions to develop collabs with unique partners from around the world to develop new products and ideas. Uniting a global creative community and challenging everyone to push beyond the limits of what we think is possible.

J A S O N  D U S S A U L T  \  R E S P E C T  Y O U R  U N I V E R S E

“I find beauty in brokenness. That you can break something and restructure it into something entirely new”.

– Jason Dussault

In creating this collection, I was inspired by the phrase “Beautiful Tough”. My work is intrinsically linked to nature – in found or gathered materials from wood, stone, recycled fabrics and ceramics. I felt that marble is a material from the natural world that exemplifies beauty and toughness. It is strong, from the Earth and every surface and pattern emerging in the stone is unique. As a clothing designer and artist, my work always strives for uniqueness through hand processing or handmade techniques. This is why I became interested in recreating marble or the effect of marble with RYU.