The Hoodie Reinvented

  • The evolution of the hoodie will be on Kickstarter. Are you in?

    The sweatshirt was created in the 1920’s for football players to eliminate the scratchy discomfort of their jerseys and pads.

  • Beta\ 37.5

    Every piece we design in the lab solves problems for athletes. We took the hoodie to the lab to create the new standard.

    The oldest piece in the game has just been stripped down and rebuilt for today. What came from it? The evolution of one of the most iconic athletic pieces.

  • Stripped Down Technical

    We started with the fabric. Working closely with our textile partner, we created a hybrid fabric that has the comfort of cotton with the flexibility of spandex.

    The design is Modern + Minimal. We eliminated weight and bulk by removing stitching in every place we possibly could and replaced it with durable, bonded hems and pockets.

    The Ethos Hoodie provides superior technical features and functionality, combined with an athletic fit. Raglan sleeves, tailored shoulders and diamond underarm gussets, allow for maximum range of motion, and it is built to stay in place while you move. Our ethos, less is better.

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    Ethos: The Hoodie Reinvented

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