RYU TEAM | Sep 13, 2017

You will often hear the words “technical” or “performance” to describe fabrics used in the manufacturing processes of high tech fitness gear. To determine what that really means, you need to understand how fabrics are constructed.

There are two forms of fibers used during the course of fabric creation – these are natural and synthetic fibers. At RYU, we specifically choose fabrics that utilise an effective combination of both. While natural fibers have amazing properties like wicking, breathability and are naturally odor controlling, combining them with synthetic fibers adds a higher level of durability, versatility and controllability – taking RYU garments to a whole new level, which is reflected in the feedback we receive about our products.


We ultimately hand-choose all of our fabrics based on the end purpose of the garment. So we begin by determining what exact technical properties it needs to have. A top for running or high intensity work must be lightweight, durable and incorporate cooling fibers. Tights for lifting need to be ergogenic, but also must incorporate abrasion resistant fabric to protect getting banged up by knurled bars. Workout gear for men and women needs to breathe and have super sweat-wicking properties. In addition to the specific technical features required for the activities for which they will be used, we also carefully consider where and how our fabric is being made, in order to be as socially and environmentally respectful as possible – we embody the name Respect Your Universe in everything we do.


Apparel manufacturing by its definition is not an environmentally friendly practice. Everyone in the industry knows that. However, we rigorously subscribe to environmental best practices and are taking whatever steps we can to ensure we leave the smallest carbon footprint when creating high tech fitness gear.


We choose Bluesign® certified mills whenever possible. The Bluesign® system is the world’s most recognized solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning and throughout the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for safe and environmentally friendly production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, but also provides confidence and peace of mind to the consumer looking to acquire a sustainable product.


We employ local factories and select the majority of our fabrics from local manufacturers. This shortens transportation distances, which in turn reduces energy and emissions. In addition, by building all our samples in-house, we eliminate the need to constantly have samples shipped back and forth from the factories during the design and prototyping phase, while also maintaining full ownership and control of the design process from start to finish. This process ensures we can create the best fitness gear.


At RYU, we build high tech fitness gear that’s tougher and more durable, which means you won’t burn through it as quickly as cheaply made products. It won’t shrink, rip, wear through, bag out, lose its shape or pill. As a result, you don’t have to buy as much or as often to replace it. We also develop timeless colour palettes, which allow you to wear RYU paired with more of your current wardrobe, and over a longer period of time and still look stylish.