The act of being respectful is an incredibly personal experience built upon your history, value system and beliefs. Respect, like freedom and integrity, can’t be defined by a universal set of metrics because it’s perceived differently depending on who you are. So we thought it would be interesting to poll some people whose mission it is to respect their universe and see how they live it.

Whether it’s practicing respect for yourself, or giving it to someone else, here’s 30 fresh ideas that may have you thinking differently about what it means to respect your universe.

  1. Talk less.
  2. Listen more.
  3. Do something nice and try not to get caught.
  4. Live below your means.
  5. Stop blaming other people.
  6. Return what you borrow.
  7. Give your clothes to charity.
  8. Be on time.
  9. Take responsibility.
  10. Walk 30 minutes every day.
  11. Don’t argue.
  12. Don’t make excuses.
  13. Get organized.
  14. Be kind.
  15. Be kind to unkind people.
  16. Let someone cut ahead of you in line.
  17. Take time to be alone.
  18. Cultivate good manners.
  19. Be humble.
  20. Accept that life is not fair.
  21. Know when to keep your mouth shut.
  22. Go an entire day without criticizing
  23. Plan for the future.
  24. Live in the present.
  25. Learn from the past.
  26. Strive to be better, not perfect.
  27. Stop complaining.
  28. Be grateful.
  29. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  30. Recognize it’s all small stuff.