New Era of Sweatshirts

Your sweatshirt = your comfort zone.

It’s also one of the oldest and most iconic pieces in the game. Originally designed in the 1920’s, sweatshirts were made for football players to eliminate the scratchy discomfort of their jerseys.

Not much has changed since then. The basic sweatshirt is heavy, bulky + simply isn’t built for athletes. The problems?

– It doesn’t stretch or move with your body.
– It bags out and pills after a few washes.
– It loses shape + shrinks.

We Just Redefined The Sweatshirt.
When we took the sweatshirt to the lab, we broke it down to the essentials: fit, function and comfort. Once we started building our original prototypes, our designers realized they were solving problems that athletes didn’t even know they had.

Our goal is to endlessly innovate – and what came from it? The evolution of one of the most iconic pieces and the newest highlight of our Rest + Recover program.

Introducing our ETHOS: two modern takes on your favorite piece.

Stripped Down Technical

Our ETHOS is modern + minimal. Built with cotton nylon spandex that stretches four ways. We eliminated weight and bulk by removing stitching in every place we possibly could and replaced it with durable glued hems + pockets.

It provides superior technical features and functionality combined with an athletic fit. With diamond underarm gussets, this thing is built to stay in place no matter how active you are.

Play in it. Work in it. Live in it.

Supporting Local Innovation

We’re proud to say that we’re making the ETHOS right here in Canada to support local, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Shop The ETHOS here.