The New Standard in Fabric

You’re an athlete, the furthest thing from delicate.

That’s why to us, facilitating human performance means listening carefully to your struggles and then solving problems through new, innovative pieces.

A common problem? Burning through your gear.

We put our design team to the test, collabed with a Bluesign® certified mill in the USA and built the toughest fabric right here in Vancouver, Canada.

Go Ahead, Play Rough.

We’ve taken a dense knit, nylon fabric to create tough gear. This material has a double-plied nylon exterior and is mechanical wicking; it won’t wear or wash out and it’s built to withstand abrasion.

No rope burns.
No bar scuffs.
No burn outs
No problems.

Go ahead – just try to break it.

Men's EveryWear Jogger

Women's Warm Up Jacket

Men's Warm Up Jacket

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

Hydrophilic polyester yarns wick away sweat and dries quickly. Hydrophilic nylon on the outside spreads the moisture rapidly where it evaporates.

Push The Boundaries.

This spandex fiber means endless stretch. You know that favorite pair of tights your girlfriend has? This fabric has twice the stretch.

Take It Easy.

We’ve done all of the work so you don’t have to. Wash ’em, toss them in the dryer. No need to be delicate.