The New Standard

“It ain’t bragging if you can back it up”. Those immortal words were uttered by none other than the legend; heavyweight champion of the world, Muhammad Ali. And he was right. So while it’s pretty ballsy for an upstart brand to come out and claim that they’re responsible for setting a new standard in athletic performance apparel, here is why we feel we’ve done just that.


The best product solutions come from a combination of design thinking and engineering. But the best ideas happen when you really dig down into the specific shortcomings in an athlete’s experience. That’s why we go to the source. Our solutions are built from our athlete’s insight and personal experience, not third party “consumer” research. We strive to understand the needs of our athletic community better than they do and we never stop thinking about how to facilitate human performance.

So what specifically makes our gear better suited to multi discipline athletes of all levels and experience? Here are 4 key differences.

Men's EveryWear Jogger


From the bomb proof fabric of our Men’s EveryWear Jogger to the only abrasion resistant compression gear on the planet, we build training apparel that is tough enough to withstand you. Performance tested by top athletes under some of the most rigorous training conditions available, we challenge you to try and break them. We’re so confident, that if you join the Athlete Member Program and damage any piece of gear within one year of purchase, we’ll replace it at 50% off the retail price. The catch? You have to tell us how you did it.

Women's Tec Top


Facilitating human performance begins with ways to measurably improve an athlete’s natural movement. That’s why our gear is specially engineered with strategically placed inner leg and diamond under arm gussets that enhance fit by facilitating a fuller range of motion. Seamlines are flat and orientated towards the front or back to reduce chafing and bulk. And a high Lycra content provides endless stretch meaning unrestricted movement in any direction.

Men's Mid Henley


From our award-winning bags to men’s and women’s performance apparel, RYU has curated must-have collections that are instantly recognizable in the gym or on the street. Rather than be cluttered and overbuilt, we’ve leaned out our designs to include only the necessary elements of comfort, fit and function. Clean lines, modern cuts and tailored fits allow you to wear these pieces anytime of the day, not just when you’re training, while subdued color palettes are accented with a few bold colors to create a distinctively stylish, wearable look.

Women's High Rise Tough Tight


In developing The New Standard, we engineered gear with a host of features and details athletes crave. Take our Tough Tight Collection for instance. Developed by the Beta 37.5 Lab, our proprietary TriLayr™ innovation is built into every RYU Tough Tight. This includes an internal compression grid that’s layered for 360 core support to invisibly smooth and streamline your silhouette. Made to fit like a second skin, they are cut and constructed to stay in place when you pull them on so there’s no tugging up the waistband after every set, pose or block. And you can go commando with confidence thanks to our built in bacteriostatic carbon-mesh gusset liner. Just put them on and forget about them.

But perhaps the feature that defines The New Standard more than any other is the same piece of gear we engineered for you to train your butt off in, has been designed to be worn immediately before and after your workout. Tough enough to take on your harshest training challenge, yet beautiful enough to fit your life outside the gym.