Together, we conquered 508,305 reps.

Let that sink in for a second…

The goal of the #RYUOneMoreRep initiative is to elevate the conversation, raise awareness of the issues and demystify the stigma surrounding mental health. As a collective, throughout the month of November, we committed to coming together for a great cause and sharing personal stories from members of our community.

In short, to say we were blown away by your efforts is a major understatement.


We’d like to recognize the following individuals who committed to an incredible amount of swings and helped keep the conversation going surrounding mental health.

  1. @SeanyCollinsPT
  2. @D_Thornton89
  3. @KaitlynFlynn00
  4. @KGryphon
  5. @MegRedpath
  6. @ArvinaRenas
  7. @Sophie__Annett
  8. @MattPauderis
  9. WesleySleong
  10. @Becky_Overbeck_Fitness_
  11. @RickGonzalez
  12. @BCLions_Official
  13. @_MoniqueColeman
  14. @Carlito (read Carlos’ blog here)
  15. @FitLikeFisher (read Liam’s blog here)
  16. @SammyShortStack (read Samantha’s blog here)

Thank you to everyone for showing up in a big way for our community and shining a light on the conversation surrounding mental health.

November has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the discussion or efforts end here.

Throughout the month of November, we committed to raising funds for both the Canadian Mental Health Association and Mental Health America. We’re happy to report that we’ll be donating $5000 divided between CMHA and MHA in support of the donations raised by our community.

While we’re very appreciative of the donations that were accumulated, our focus is and will continue to be more on building awareness and elevating the conversation.

Bring on 2019.

In 2017, we hit 271,056 reps. This year we accumulated 508,305 reps. Next year, we’re going for a million!

OnecMore Rep 2018 CMHA Donate

One More Rep 2018 MHA Donate