RYU: Why did you agree to become involved in One More Rep?

Brent: The day I started talking about my struggles with mental health and depression was the day I started living my real life. The life that has brought me from constant thoughts of suicide to the happiest and most optimistic person I can imagine. Opening the lines of communication made me realize I was not alone, that I had the power to change the course of my life, and most of all it made me believe that the life that I wanted to end had more value and purpose than I ever thought possible. The opportunity to be involved with One More Rep came at a time where I feel truly at peace with my past, my struggles, and at a time where I have become 100% comfortable with vulnerability, so the decision was easy. I am so honored to be involved in a campaign that might bring light to an issue that plagued my life for too many years.

What was the silent battle you were fighting that no one knew about? 

Depression. I was 315lbs and incredibly unhealthy. I chose drugs, alcohol, and food as my crutch and comfort to cover the shame and embarrassment I felt every day. I never spoke a word about the things that were going on in my mind. From the outside looking in, everyone thought I was a happy go lucky guy who seemed like life was just fine. But when it came time to face my truth it was too much and all I wanted to do was end it. I didn’t think I could actually face my family and friends as the person I truly was.

Where are you right now on your personal journey to health?

I am on the right path. I feel happy, I have goals, I am living a true genuine and unapologetic life. I have plenty of struggles and I have bad days….. really bad days. But I talk about them. I am open to my feelings and vulnerable to the world that can judge me. I no longer fear judgement because I have learned that no one, will ever judge me, harder than I have already judged myself.

I am comfortable with vulnerability now. Something that honestly made me crawl into the dark and fear the outside world for a long time. I am proud to be open and unapologetic about my struggles.

What would you say to someone who is struggling?

The fear you are feeling has validity but it does not own you. The weight you feel is heavy but can be lightened. The solitude you feel is a door that you can open. You will never realize how wonderful the outside world is, until you take down your walls, become vulnerable to your demons and prove that you are greater than them, and trust me… you are. We ALL are.

What do you hope will happen as a result of this campaign?

I hope someone can take a look at our pages and follow the hashtag #RYUOneMoreRep and see how many people care. I hope they see that no one is alone in this fight and together we can change the outcome. I read something the other day that hit home to me, “Turn “I”, into “We” and we can turn “Illness” into Wellness”.

About Brent Price

Brent has spent the majority of his life being obese. Tipping the scales at a whopping 315lbs, he made the decision 5 years ago to prioritize his health – with remarkable results. Brent trains at Studeo55 Crossfit 6 days a week along with regular running, swimming and spinning. He also offers lifestyle and fitness coaching at Move Society for people looking to start their own journey in health and fitness.