RYU: Why do you support One More Rep?

Meghan: I support One More Rep because I know that movement is a part of the best mental health treatment plans. I also know that stigma still exists and am happy to support any cause that works towards eliminating that.

What was the silent battle you were fighting that no one knew about?  

I fought anxiety for a long time. The desire to make relationships and outcomes perfect, that I actually had no control over. The kind of conversation in your head that keeps you up at night and allows you to catastrophize details-ultimately leading to side effects of physical illness. That feedback loop was all too accessible for over seven years of my early twenties. While it is still present, I have created new connections in my mind and developed tools that allow me to manage my vices instead of the other way around.

 Where are you right now on your personal journey to health?

Right now I am in the solution stage of my journey. I have found what works for me and that involves a proper sleep (7 hours or more), adequate movement (at least 60 minutes a day) and time spent connecting with nature. I have created and implemented a program called Kinect that combines intentional conversation around common triggers for anxiety and depression, paired with a directed movement session. This program is funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and it acts a a bridge program for people who struggle with their mental health and are on their way to getting back into the community. Doing “one more rep” is literally changing the lives of the people I get to work with each week.

I know that this campaign is more than reps. It’s heartbeats, sweat, tears and recovery. It’s everyone.

What would you say with someone who is struggling?

I would say that you are never alone. Also, that your contributions, your talents are needed — let’s discover them.

 What do you hope will happen as a result of this campaign?

I hope that conversations will occur during these workouts — the kind of conversations that share mental health resources and proactive suggestions for gaining resiliency. I hope that people have the courage to be vulnerable and feel supported in their sharing. I know that we will reach one million swings and that the money donated will go towards incredible programs that will positively affect hundreds of people.

I know that this campaign is more than reps. It’s heartbeats, sweat, tears and recovery. It’s everyone.

About Meghan Burrows

Meghan is a Recreation Therapist, Personal Trainer and Mental Health and Movement advocate. Growing up in rural Ontario, Meghan was involved in competitive athletics from age 5 to 17. After two devastating knee injuries, she began to develop a passion for individual sports and athletic rehabilitation. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier with a BSc and Personal Training certification, she moved to British Columbia to pursue a career in training.