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RYU (Respect Your Universe) is a movement-focused apparel brand. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we create multi-purpose clothing, bags and accessories for performance and everyday wear. Born in the octagon, we started out in 2008 as a mixed martial arts equipment brand built upon the fundamental philosophies of Jujutsu, Karate, Kung Fu and Aikido, which can be translated as flexible, pliable, movable techniques to flow with the opposition rather than confronting it with one’s own force. We interpret this as a mindful, life-long practice of movement. This belief is sewn into everything we design and produce. We believe in creating apparel that moves with you.

In 2015, our team of industry experts identified a gap in the apparel market whereby the male athlete was underserved, and the female athletic market was awash by a sea of sameness. We moved to reposition the brand from primarily targeting a mixed martial arts consumer to a broader performance and lifestyle consumer. We invested in world-class talent to design, innovate and expand product categories. Today, RYU is an experiential omni-channel retailer and sells its products in Canada and the United States through strategic wholesale accounts and online via its e-commerce site

Our multi-purpose products are engineered for both performance and everyday wear. Made with high quality materials and innovative techniques, we craft products for your every step, every stroke and every stride. No distractions, only progression. Our products are designed, developed and tested at our corporate headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Production takes place in factories located in North America and Asia.


Large and growing addressable market
An addressable market that was just over $180B in 2019 and is expected to grow to grow nearly $210B in 2025. The active sportswear market in which RYU participates is well positioned as secular trends evolve.

Award-winning brand
RYU offers an established large, loyal and active customer base in the fast-growing athletic apparel category.

New game changing brand building partnerships
The company has announced numerous synergistic business partnerships to expand brand awareness with companies like Zoom Media, BEI and the Olympic skateboard team for Canada at Tokyo Olympic Games. RYU expects to continue to enhance its brand with additional partnerships in the future.

Revamped and experienced management team
Key talent additions from major active apparel brands including Cesare Fazari as Chairman of the Board and CEO, Rob Blair as COO, Alex McAulay as CFO, and Stefanie Crosby to the Board. All new team members bring a wealth of talent and real-world experience to RYU.

Restructuring plan in place and underway
RYU is focused on inventory management and cost reductions, along with a strategy shift to grow both their wholesale channel and e-commerce conversion.

Engineer products to not only be the best to train in, but to allow exceptional ease of movement between daily activities, creating a new standard for how we live, dress and perform.

Provide breakthrough design that combines exceptional fit and technical performance to deliver style, comfort and durability. “Design without compromise” is not an ideal, it’s a mantra.

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