We are a tailored innovation for the urban athlete, engineered for fitness, training and performance.

We develop the most innovative well designed, best in class products to live in 24/7 without compromising fit, value and design. Our design teams are some of the greatest thinkers, producers and garment engineers in the athletic industry.

Designed without compromise, RYU exists to facilitate human performance.

Our Focus

At the center of our universe is you, our “athlete”. We define an RYU athlete as any person who regularly practices in an active lifestyle. They are mindful, disciplined and try to be respectful to all and to their environment.

Breaking the Uniform

It’s unlike anything you’ve seen in the gym, on the trail, in the street, or at a spin class. It’s meant to change the game. Be distinctive and unique. Clean lines, modern styling and intricate detailing create an authentic athletic, tailored feel. We aspire to be the most comfortable and technically advanced training gear for you to wear. Tough enough for your harshest workout. Beautiful enough to fit your life beyond training.

Respect Your Universe

RYU Respect Your Universe is about respecting yourself, respecting your environment, and respecting others; to facilitate human performance. Your universe is your body and the community and world it lives in with others.

Beautiful Tough

You run, lift, jump, climb and live the multi-discipline athletic lifestyle. You embody the discipline, dedication and determination to empower yourself and others. You live above the status quo. You stand for something bigger, better and beyond the norm. You are Beautiful Tough.