We’re all fighting battles others know nothing about. But thanks to One More Rep, some of us are able to talk about these battles a little more openly.

One More Rep for Mental Health was an initiative by Respect Your Universe to elevate the conversation around mental health. Our goal was to help raise the awareness of the issues, open lines of communication, and demystify the stigma of mental illness in order to make mental health care a reality around the world.


We wanted anyone who is suffering to find the movement by following #RYUOneMoreRep and see how many people truly care. That no one is alone in this fight and together we can change the outcome. Because when we turn “I”, into “We” and we can turn “Illness” into “Wellness”.

Over a Quarter Million Reps

Together our community achieved 271,057 reps in less than a month and engaged over a quarter million people through social media. Our story was talked about on radio and picked up internationally including a feature in Thrive Global.

RYU is donating $5,000 in support

In support of the donations raised online and in-store, Respect Your Universe will honor our commitment of donating an additional $5,000.00 to be divided between the Canadian and American Mental Health Association.

Still a long way to go

While conventional campaigns are designed solely to be fundraisers, ours was a little different. While we are sincerely grateful to everyone who donated money to the cause, our goal was not to raise a million dollars. But to complete a million reps for mental health. We felt that by building awareness and elevating the conversation, we can help dispel the stigma associated with mental health issues. More than anything, we wanted to shine a light on the challenges so people will begin to see that mental health is something we all struggle with at one time or another.

This was never about us

When a brand takes on an unconventional initiative, it’s sometimes viewed with skepticism. Let us be clear. Respect Your Universe is more than our name. It’s our reason for being. One More Rep was never about selling more apparel. Mental health, along with physical, emotional and spiritual health is something we are deeply committed to. We believe that a society that’s healthy in mind, body and spirit is more respectful, tolerant and inclusive.

Where do we go from here?

We are grateful to each and every one of you who stepped up and completed One More Rep. But there is still a long way to go. Both in terms of completing our stretch goal of a million reps and changing the conversation in order to make mental health care a reality around the world. We are committed. And we know from your comments and messages that you are too. Together we can do this. So keep sending us your videos. We will keep striving until we reach that magic million reps together.