You don’t just set goals. You live them. You train hard. Sweat buckets. And your body composition is changing. For some it’s about lifting heavier, getting bigger and adding more functional strength to their frame. Others are getting smaller – shedding excess weight and becoming more efficient training machines.

No matter what your training goals are: beat a time, exceed a PR, or accomplish something you’ve never tried before, RYU exists to facilitate your performance on your athletic journey.

Supporting Your Athletic Journey

We know it’s common for athletes to change size over the course of their training. It’s natural and healthy as your workouts cycle through their various phases. While that’s great for performance, it can play havoc with your wallet if you can’t afford to keep replacing your training gear.

Supporting your athletic journey as far and as fast as you choose to go, we will honor your victories, celebrate your failures, and hail your redemption.

Introducing Our Size Up \ Size Down Program.

The concept is simple.

If your size changes (either getting bigger from adding muscle or smaller from losing weight) within one year of purchasing an item, we’ll replace it in your new size for 50% off. We’ll donate your old gear to a local charitable organization.

It’s just one way we’re supporting our amazing community of athletes and inspiring them to even higher pinnacles of greatness in 2018.

This is how we take a stand for facilitating your performance.