RYU TEAM | OCT 28, 2016

What’s in your bag? We’ve taken this simple question, a question we’ve often thought to ourselves… and turned it into a snapshot on RYU Connectors.

Asking “What’s in your bag?” is a way to get to know someone. What a person carries can tell you about their personality, their attitude, their personality, their strengths and weaknesses.

Although we ask, “what’s in your bag?” – they “why” tells as much about the person as it does the item there are carrying.

This simple question can be as complicated as the endless possible items you can carry in your bag. The meaning behind the items can be very personally or be very practical.

We connected with marathon runner, master instructor at Spin Society, Rock Steady Boxing instructor, TRX trainer at YYoga, instructor at Lagree West, an Ironwoman Lucy Ulmer.

Lucy does all of that while living in Vancouver and working from home for a New York based law firm. Perhaps we should change the question from “What’s in your bag? To “What doesn’t Lucy Ulmer do?”

Lucy says, “I choose to wake up on the right side of the bed.”

Every day, she chooses to chase curiosity, passion and live with purpose. From her many (and endless) pursuits we couldn’t agree more with Lucy‘s statement.

We caught up with this Kentucky native to ask “what’s in your bag?” and to learn why they’re her favourites.

The bag:

  1. RYU Daily Duffel Lux 18.5L. To the gym, at the gym, to the office and on the weekends. This bag is my perfect grab and go for everything I need.

So, Luncy, whats in your bag?

  1. My personal Mic belt, so I’m always ready to suit up and teach.
  2. La Labo Perfume Oil. I spoil my students with relaxation massages during yoga class.
  3. Extra Pair of RYU Socks. I don’t like stinky feet. So fresh, so clean. These provide great ventilation and comfort.
  4. Music is one of the most important things to me when teaching so I’m always looking for some fresh tunes and I’m a busy girl…I need my calendar with me.
  5. 2n1 Tec Tank. This one is a great lightweight option, has a built in bra and it comes in black, my favorite colour!
  6. Vancouver is my office, so my computer needs to be mobile.
  7. Studio Foot Wraps. A must for teaching and taking classes at Lagree, gives you perfect grip on the Megaformer and keeps your feet clean.
  8. Cartems Donut. Yes, I love a little sugar in my life and these are my absolute favorite. I LOVE CARTEMS! I have a personal goal to be their first donut ambassador. Any chance, Cartems?

“#BeautifulTough is being able to wear your strength and confidence for everyone to admire.”

– Lucy Ulmer

Do you have any of the same items in your bag? What are your thoughts on what is in Lucy’s bag? How would you answer the question, “what’s in your bag?” and what does it say about you?

Do you use an RYU Daily Duffle? RYU Quick Pack, Locker Pack or Gym Tote?