with Karina Christiansen

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Meet Karina Christiansen aka Lemoncrystals. Strength competitor, rugby player and lifestyle coach who’s continuously inspiring a lifestyle of happiness, health and fitness.

You’ll find Karina on the North Shore of Vancouver helping other athletes reach their health and fitness goals through her fitness and nutritional coaching.

When we sat down with this athlete, we caught her on a busy day carrying not one – but two of our bags. Check it out:

BAG 1 – The RYU Quick Pack
The RYU Quick Pack is my everyday bag and you can’t see me without it! It may be small but it’ fits everything I need for the day. Between training, school, work, and clients this bag is provides the simplest aesthetic for organizing a hectic lifestyle.

Powerlifting Belt
For all the support I need during my heaviest of lifts and PRs, my powerlifting belt has been with me for a huge journey of all my lifting endeavours (not just powerlifting, but crossfit and strongman also). It was once white, now grey, I assume one day when I reach black, I have mastered the craft of heavy lifting.

RYU Tough Tight – HiRise Fit
I love my HiRise Tight on squatting days! Often in an alternative pair of pants, when my squat reaches depth, my pant’s waistline falls shallow. Needless to say, a little bum crack in the squat rack isn’t going to lead me much success. The 4-way stretch is reliable and the waistline high-rise compression leaves me worry free.

Lifting Shoes
Whether it’s a heavy squat, split jerk, log press, or even pistol squats, my lifters have been fantastic support for my hip and ankle flexibility along with depth of squat. An awesome tool for supplementing your fitness.

Wrist Wraps
Much like the belt, the wrist wraps really come in handy for that extra support when the weight on the barbell climbs.

Blue Piston Bluetooth Speaker
When I’m training music is essential. From time-to-time if I’m keeping my workouts at home or bringing them outside, this little speaker is perfect for taking with me. Great quality sound, easy for transport.

BAG 2 – Daily Duffel
Is the sleek bag that makes we look good on my way to the gym +I really like how it keeps its shape regardless of the external impact or internal deformities of contents in the bag.

Speed Rope
I’m not the best, but I secretly LOVE double-unders and I enjoy sprinkling skipping in my work-outs wherever I can.

The Whole Earth and Sea – Organic Vegan Green Protein Bar
With working at Vitasave.ca and being apart of the realm of nutrition, I’ve had the privilege to taste many (like A LOT) of fantastic bars. This by far is one of my favourites for a post-workout snack. This whole food bar is packed with green superfoods, including wheat and barley grass juice, spirulina, and broccoli sprouts. It also contains dates, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, and is an excellent source of fibre.

Wonder Woman Lunch Box
Going off of my childhood, I firmly believe THE LUNCHBOX SHOULD NEVER DIE. As a nutritionist and athlete what we need most in the day, is the best option of fuel for our bodies- we are machines. Preparation is everything, and to have a lunchbox, you can have that much more certainty that you will be successful nutritionally. My dear friend Jessica gifted me with this lunchbox; she never wanted me to go a day without remembering my worth.

One of my favourite parts of training is getting creative with programming. The whiteboard comes in handy for keeping track of what I’m doing and helps me scheme up something that’ll make sweat. There have been many of painful workouts written on my mini whiteboard (and many more in store). You can follow my whiteboard workouts here.