The New Standard in Gym Bags

RYU | Oct 7, 2016

People may call us passion-forward at RYU. Some may even call us obsessed about product design and the performance of the gear that we carry with us every day. But it’s precisely that attitude that has led us to re-imagine and ultimately re-engineer the iconic gym bag.

Our primary objective whenever we design a new product or urban athletic collection, is to bring real user designer interface into one location, where everyone can see, feel and experience the product. In the midst of all the late nights, hybrid roles and passion of a start-up culture, we prioritized the actual design process as the key to our success. While brand and company culture is critically important, we are all driven by function and emotion, and for us one doesn’t live without the other.

What’s in a gym bag?

When we first began contemplating how to enhance, improve and revolutionize the iconic gym bag, we knew we had to deliver a product that was built for athletes. Something that could go with them from home to the gym, from the gym to the office, from the office out with friends, and from drinks or dinner that evening to back home again. It had to be a reflection of their lifestyle and integrate with their lives 24/7. And it had to function during the work week as well as it did on the weekend.

Initially, we had a long list of conditions that had to be satisfied. From equipment that had to be carried, to the parts of the day that it would be used, and the ways and routes travelled to and from training. Then we looked at how we could distil this down to its purest form, prioritized by function.

Number one was that it carries what is needed for a basic workout. Then we looked at the lifestyle and time when people carry their workout duffle bag or even just a small gym bag. What we discovered was that we needed to design a pack that could be worn to work or play and would seamlessly integrate in the urban athlete’s daily life.

We figured if we could make a gym bag or workout duffle that embodied the following characteristics:

    1. internally well organized
    2. featured all the details needed to get you from home to training to work and back
    3. looked good enough to wear into the office or workplace

Then we would hit the mark with a new generation of gym bags. A collection designed to fit your life as well as it fits your gear.

Through countless discussions, samples and prototypes, we kept stripping down the exterior of the packs to the clean beautiful lines that appear today. Resulting in a thoughtful internal construction that looked after all the details and earned us our very first Carryology award for the RYU’s Quick Pack Lux 18L.