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The role of RYU is to respect individuality, the unique person inside the tech apparel we create. It is knowing at our core that we are all connected and that it’s our differences that make us extraordinary. Through that, we have developed a social community that helps enhance all elements that create your universe.

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NATALIA ANJA / Sep 12, 2019

"RAINCOUVER" I started experiencing seasonal depression like symptoms 2 years ago. It would start in September when ‘Raincouver’ would roll in and the days started getting shorter, colder and very, very wet. It became a serious challenge keeping an active lifestyle and doing the things that I knew would allow me... Read More


ERIC TERMUENDE / Sep 05, 2019

BACK TO WORK Each calendar year, I’m sitting on about 100 flights. Flying has become my commute to work as I share stories and insights about workplace culture to teams and leaders all over the world. As September hits and conferences pick up again, there may be months where I’m sleeping... Read More


ERIC TERMUENDE / Sep 05, 2019

GOODBYE SUMMER With the summer now coming to and end, it's probably time to get rid of the Nude-filled winter body I’ve been building for the past few months. The June 70.3 Ironman is over, the Victoria Fondo has long-passed, and I’m now closer to the next ½ marathon than I... Read More

Workout to Conquer Cancer 2019

RYU TEAM / Apr 30, 2019

In one way or another, we've all been affected by cancer. Together we can move, fundraise and support advancements made at BC Cancer to improve outcomes for people all over the world.For the second year running, RYU is proud to sponsor the Workout to Conquer Cancer to inspire participation and... Read More

James Hughes / Mar 19, 2019

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