ERIC TERMUENDE / Sep 05, 2019


Each calendar year, I’m sitting on about 100 flights. Flying has become my commute to work as I share stories and insights about workplace culture to teams and leaders all over the world. As September hits and conferences pick up again, there may be months where I’m sleeping in my bed fewer than 10 nights. Now is the time where it is truly back to work; my head is down and my mind is racing.

With the frequency of travel increasing, scheduling has become crucial. Blocks of the day (and sometimes entire days) and reserved for rest, introspection, activity, and, perhaps most importantly, mental space. Whether it is the shower, a run, or when all distractions are removed, I’ve learned that sometimes the best ideas come from a space of nothing, and nothing is what I try to create.

By turning off my devices, minimizing sensory activity, and working to clear my mind, I give my subconscious mind time and space to become conscious. I question my habits and route, reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t, and make adjustments accordingly.

“sometimes the best ideas come from a space of nothing, and nothing is what I try to create.”


I believe that as the world changes around it, we change too. While it might not be at the same speed, and sometimes it may feel that while things are moving backwards and we’re moving forward (or vice versa), what worked for me in the past may not work for me now. Old ‘best’ practices are now just past practices and the way I approach what I do evolves.

“what worked for me in the past may not work for me now.”

Inspiration comes from new places, new books, new ideas, and what motivated me in the past may not motivate me today. Recognizing what works and what doesn’t have become somewhat a game, and when I love the game I’m playing, the score doesn’t matter and the outcome isn’t a focus.


So here we are, back to September with another season beginning and another one ending. I find my excitement, motivation, and inspiration doesn’t come from just a plane, or a stage, book, or conversation, it comes from a life created on a daily basis one where habits and behaviours change just as fast as the months go by, and where I can keep learning to discover who I am and what makes me tick.


Eric is a globally-recognized thought leader, author, and international speaker on the future of work and building teams that thrive. As co-founder of NoW Innovations, he advises industry-leading organizations, institutions, and associations on future-proofing their teams, talent management, and rehumanizing the workplace.

Eric has a deep understanding of the next generation of work and how to attract and retain the right talent. His best-selling book, Rethink Work, has become a must-read for today’s leaders and is available on From the stage of TEDx to BUILDEX to Coca Cola and the Milken Global Conference, Eric inspires, challenges, and opens minds to opportunity and doors to growth.

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