BILL HOLDER / Oct 25, 2017

CrossFit is an insanely popular fitness phenomena imagined by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in the year 2000. Categorised as both a physical exercise philosophy and also as a competitive, professional sport with regular regional, national and international tournaments, a CrossFit WOD incorporates various elements from many different sports and forms of training, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), Olympic Weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, strongman, and a few other related exercises and training methods. Because of the stamina, strength and sheer versatility involved in this style (and styles) of training, elite CrossFit athletes are known to be some of the toughest, fittest sports people on the planet.

Such is the buzz surrounding this form of exercise, that there has even been talk of CrossFit someday becoming an official Olympic sport. CrossFit has exploded in popularity in recent years, with thousands of gyms or ‘boxes’ opening up for business and people around the world committing to their daily Crossfit Workout of the Day, known globally as a CrossFit WOD.

With that being said, what if there was a way to crush a CrossFit WOD, bring the CrossFit community together and support the bravest people in Canada all at the same time? That’s the idea behind a WOD to REMEMBER, a unique new way to honour veterans with muscle instead of words.


A WOD TO REMEMBER asks all CrossFit athletes in Canada, their friends, and families, to step up and help Wounded Warriors Canada in its ongoing support of our active armed forces members, veterans, and their loved ones, as part of their Crossfit WOD. During the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, CrossFit athletes will ask you to join them in donating funds for the meaningful work of this great charity. On November 11th, Canadian CrossFit gyms will call upon their members to complete not just an ordinary CrossFit WOD (“workout of the day”), but a HERO WOD. CrossFit athletes have always acknowledged a debt of gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces. This Remembrance Day, each athlete will go all out in a demonstration of their support. Please give generously, whatever you can, to spur on the athletes. All dollars raised will go directly to Wounded Warriors Canada and donations of $20 and over will receive a charitable receipt from Wounded Warriors Canada.


Every year, Rocky Point Fitness Crossfit in Coquitlam, British Columbia selects a challenging HERO WOD on November 11. The idea was born following the completion of a CrossFit WOD in 2015, when Bill Holder took his son to a local Remembrance Day ceremony, honouring the current and past members of our military. “Watching the ceremony, I began to think about the workout I’d just completed and the meaning of the service I was now attending” said Bill. “I wondered if there was something more that could be done to honour the brave men and women of our armed forces, our veterans, and their families, on Remembrance Day.” That ceremony changed Bill’s life, and that of many others after him – and many more to come.



Many CrossFit boxes across Canada schedule a Hero WOD for November 11th. Bill’s idea was to reach out to every box in Canada and invite them to schedule a Remembrance Day Hero Crossfit WOD that could be used as a fundraising opportunity to help those in need. He wanted to create a fun charity drive that would allow athletes and others to demonstrate their support in a meaningful way. “I raised the idea with Wounded Warriors Canada and received an enthusiastic response!” said Bill. “And one year later, with the help of a lot of caring people, A WOD to REMEMBER rumbled to life.”


There are over 500 CrossFit boxes in Canada. Imagine what could happen if every box scheduled a Hero WOD for November 11th and Crossfit athletes across the country, and internationally, stepped up to participate by asking friends and family to support their efforts by donating to Wounded Warriors Canada (woundedwarriors.ca). Much as with sport, and with life in general, as a team we are so much more powerful in the battle to reach our goals with this campaign.


The CrossFit community has a strong history of honouring our armed forces – there is a symbolism, albeit on very differing levels, of a soldier going to battle each day as a CrossFit athlete does when arriving at their local box to destroy their CrossFit Daily WOD. Now it’s time to put some muscle behind that support! Simply go to CrowdRise.com and search for A WOD to REMEMBER. If you’re a CrossFit athlete or you own a box yourself, you can set up as a fundraiser or simply make a donation. Every little bit helps in making a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much so we may enjoy the freedoms we do today – those who have gone to war for our safety and to keep our homeland as beautiful as it is.

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A third-degree black belt in traditional Shito-Ryu karate, American Masters silver medalist and recently converted CrossFit devotee, WOD to REMEMBER founder Bill Holder is as inspiring as he is accomplished. A dad to three great kids, Bill works full time as a partner in one of Vancouver’s largest law firms and does his best to find innovative ways to positively impact his community.



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