RYU TEAM / Dec 04, 2018

Without purpose, how can you rally globally?

Since day one of being involved with the brand and continuing as he became RYU’s CEO, this question has remained an important driver for Marcello Leone as he cultivated a brand aiming to elevate athleisure while carving out a new niche market. Where being authentic, intentional and going with your gut is common place, an environment where endless opportunities for growth and inspiration was created.

With product innovation propelling the brand forwards, speaking authentically and staying transparent about our brand’s main focus created a ripple effect that in turn allowed us to become a stronger community.

If you keep your mind positive and healthy and put that out into the universe, great things can happen.

Recently, our CEO Marcello Leone chatted with Matt Gottesman (an entrepreneur, creator of H&DF Magazine and host of the Hustle Sold Separately podcast) about who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re making big moves to create a lasting legacy.

Follow the links to listen to the full conversation: