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How Do You Respect Your Universe?

RYU TEAM / Oct 05, 2017

Respect. What does respect mean to you? What are ways to respect yourself? How do you cultivate it? Can you even cultivate it?

The act of being respectful is an incredibly personal experience built upon your history, value system and beliefs. Respect, like freedom and integrity, can’t be defined by a universal set of metrics because it’s perceived differently depending on who you are.  Respect’s fluidity is what makes it a universal commodity, much like love.

There are few things more valuable in life than love and respect. They resonate with each and every person in this world.

Whether you are looking for ways to respect yourself or respect others, you need to start from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. Why vulnerability? Because you need to accept and love yourself for the flaws, cracks and marks you show to the world, and for the bruises that lie beneath your surface. Finding ways to respect yourself and respecting others will cultivate positivity, gratitude and resiliency in your life. In turn, all these attributes will attract others with similar qualities: your vibe attracts your tribe.

Together, we can make a difference in the current societal landscape- all it takes is a little bit of Respect and a whole lot of dedication. Read on for 5 ways to respect yourself and others.



Life is unpredictable, busy and can be all-consuming at times. Allow yourself space to make mistakes. Failure is never an ultimatum: you have the ability to get back up again and come back stronger. In order to not allow failure to define who it is that you are, you need ways to respect yourself and give yourself time and space to grow. Take responsibility for your life and make conscious choices. When you give yourself space in your heart and life to be gracious, you will by nature, stop complaining and stop making excuses. Complaining only drowns out all the beauty in life. Stop sweating the small stuff and recognize that it is all small stuff, in the grand scheme of life,

How do you do create a space of Grace? Breathe. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed or like you have failed at something, take a step back and a big breath in. What can you learn from the situation, so you come back stronger? Know that everyone messes up in life. That is a promise. The successful people are the ones that have not backed down when they fall; instead, they keep pressing on because success follows hot on the heels of failure. Only the people who press on from failure find their success.


Stay committed to the process and stop worrying about the finish line. You can plan for the future but remember to stay grounded in the moment. You only have control over the situation at hand and no amount of worrying about tomorrow will make a difference. Learn from your past but do not dwell on the choices you made. Remember, life does not happen TO you, it happens FOR you. It is your choice to make the most of what you have. Life is not always fair, but you will always have the ability to choose how you react to certain situations. By staying in your lane, you respect your time. You respect your choices and honor the person you are. When you stay focused in the moment, you show respect to others by giving them your undivided attention.

How do you focus on your journey? Stay out of the future. Stop worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. Yes, having future goals are important; however, focusing too much on the future will prevent you from enjoy the moments that you have at hand.



Individuals who possess the highest amount of self-respect and respect for others are often the kindest individuals as well. The common denominator between respecting yourself and kindness is energy output. Turning negative energy inward results in judgement of yourself and judgement of others. Negative inward energy brews comparison and comparison is the ultimate thief of joy and kindness. In contrast, if you are able to turn away negative energy and instead, give positive energy to those around you, you are fostering kindness and joy. A positive perspective on life indicates peace and respect within yourself. You seek to bring light into the lives of others and in turn, you encourage their positivity to blossom. Positivity and kindness are contagious: plant those seeds and watch them grow!

How do you stay out of the judgement trap? Discipline. When your mind starts brewing negative, judgement-based thoughts, take them captive and throw them out! Seriously! Throw judgement out the window. Find the positive quality in the person or the joyful moment in the situation and hold onto that. Repeat the process.


Do you listen, or do you hear? When you are actively listening to someone else, you are seeking to understand what they are saying. You are responsive, both with verbal cues and non-verbal. On the other hand, simply hearing someone happens without additional or intentional effort. Words literally pass through your ears, from one to the other, without any recognition of what or who you are listening to. Actively listening to someone when they are speaking to you is a great sign of respect. Not only are you showing them your undivided attention, but you will be better able to participate in the conversation and respond with intelligent feedback. It sounds simple but try to talk less and listen more. You will reap benefits of knowledge and understanding, and your relationships will flourish as well. Win-win.

How do you keep your mouth shut and ears open? Be humble. Focus on what the other person is saying. Stay present in the conversation and listen to understand what is being said. Hold your remarks back until solicited or a break in the conversation occurs. Respect the other’s opinions and values.



Practice the simple art of gratitude every day and you will become more present, engaged and thankful for the world you live in. Gratitude turns into respect when you acknowledge the blessings in your life. You have the conscious choice to acknowledge the gifts in your life or become numb to them. Often, the more grateful you are in life, the more your will receive back. Gratitude is a sign of respect and humility and is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.

How do you develop gratitude in life? Practice. Start every day with a gratitude journal: list 5 things that you are grateful for that day. They can be simple things like coffee or a good sleep, or they can be deeper such as the relationships you have in your life. Acknowledging the positive elements in your life will only bring you more thankfulness.

The bottom line is that finding ways to respect yourself and showing respect to others takes discipline and effort. It can be easy to fall victim in your own life where you wallow in self-pity. Stop blaming others. Remember, life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you. Life is not fair, but it is rewarding. You have the ability to manifest respect, gratitude, kindness, and grace in your life. Practice these qualities in everyday situations by allowing someone to cut ahead of you in line. Take time to be alone- work on the relationship you have with yourself. You will never be satisfied with your relationships until you love yourself first and respect all the amazing (and not so amazing) qualities you have within yourself. No one is perfect, and that is awesome. Life would be boring if it were perfect! The failures and successes in our lives are the punctuation marks that signal change and growth.

Practice the above 5 ways to respect yourself and watch your life take off. Warning, you are about to rise and soar.

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