Let's Talk About #SelfLove

Chloe Turner-Davis / Dec 04, 2018

Self-love is in. I’m serious. With over 14 million #selflove hashtags used on Instagram, people are embracing the idea that treating yourself to weirdly expensive face masks and bath bombs, indulging in French pastries, $7 coffees, a greasy burger with fries on the side or splurging on that top you’ve been staring at can drastically change your mood.

And it is true. Food and shopping can change your mood. But in many cases, the choices we make on these treats come at a cost. Using the “I deserve it” mentality, and constantly shouting “treat yo’self” in your head only feels good for a short time – you’ll quickly lose the glow from your luxurious spa facial and massage once you’re hit with the bill.

Look, if a $15 face mask takes away all your stress and makes rainbows shoot out of your eyes and unicorns dance on your shoulders, then power to ya. Sometimes those things need to be done. But if not, I get it. I hear you. No matter how hard I try, the feeling of guilt for dishing mad dough on a face mask or a chocolate croissant or a 5-sip latte is far stronger than one of satisfaction and relaxation I had hoped for.

But good news: there are cash-free ways to treat your mind, body, and soul to a little RnR. The following list might work for you, but it also might not. It is important for you to evaluate yourself, your situation, and to really identify what you, personally, need. Listen to your body, and help it flourish.

  1. GO TO BED ONE HOUR EARLIER. Sure, watching that re-run of the cheesy soap you’ve already seen 14 times is great, but why? Doesn’t the idea of crawling into bed early, with a good book and some cozy blankets sound so much better? Not only that, but sleep can greatly impact your overall wellbeing and mood.
  2. PEACE OUT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A BIT. Be like Season 3 Ross and Rachel and take a break (I am so team Rachel but it was a great metaphor). Social media can be really tough on your mentality. We are constantly bombarded with beautiful models, dream vacation photos, pictures of decadent food, and way too many reminders that our life is not perfectly photogenic. Throw Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook a quick “see ya later” and shut it down.
  3. FIND YOUR ‘THING’. Every single person has a hobby, place or activity that makes them forget everything. I believe this is true. If you haven’t found your thing, I suggest you find it. If a beach walk calms you and makes you forget about your busy day at work, walk. If you need to pump some iron and grunt and drop some weights, no judgements. If you’re into drawing or singing or dancing or running or cleaning – DO IT. Find what brings you peace and use it.

Experiment and listen to your body and what it needs. Rest when you need rest, eat that croissant when you need it and give yourself a break. You deserve it.