RYU TEAM / Feb 26, 2019

Where Urban art meets urban apparel. Terry Urban, a prolific Brooklyn-based artist, has transitioned from graffiti to Turntablism to painting throughout his career. We approached Terry to collaborate with us and take part in our first ART/RYU installment. Lucky for us, he was all in.

The inaugural event took place at our Williamsburg store last week as we debuted the one-of-a-kind, exclusive art pieces created by Terry Urban. For this collaboration, Urban used nine of our Locker Packs as a canvas to display his incredible hand-painted designs.

During the month of March, the bags will be featured and auctioned off at our Williamsburg store. A portion of the proceeds will be going towards the charity of Terry’s choosing – The OUT Foundation.

“I’m just stoked to be a part of the RYU team and to support a good cause with the OUT Foundation.”

Read on as Terry shares his thoughts on our ART/RYU collaboration.

RYU: What made you say yes to collaborating with RYU?

Terry Urban: I love bringing color to a minimal canvas. After seeing the RYU line, I was immediately drawn to the minimal design [of the products] and wanted to add color.

RYU: What did you draw inspiration from while working on this project?

TU: I was influenced by the quotes that were posted on RYU’s Instagram. I’m a big fan of inserting words or quotes into my paintings like Basquiat or Twombly (fellow American artists).

RYU: How does your work process flow?

TU: Pretty simple – I just turn on some music and start painting. I’m the type of artist who paints subconsciously. If I don’t like what’s on the canvas after I’m done, I just paint over it until I like what I see. Most of my work has at least three to five paintings underneath the final.

RYU: What does RESPECT mean to you?

TU: Respect to me is being kind to others and making them feel how you want to feel. I always make an effort to go into a room and uplift someone because I respect them for whoever they are and I would want the same [in return].

If you’re located near our Williamsburg store, please join us on Thursday March 28th from 7:00-9:00 pm for the closing reception and your last chance to get involved with this epic collaboration.    

Follow Terry Urban on Instagram and shop Terry’s canvas, the Locker Pack, below.


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