Workout to Conquer Cancer 2019

RYU TEAM / Apr 30, 2019

In one way or another, we’ve all been affected by cancer. Together we can move, fundraise and support advancements made at BC Cancer to improve outcomes for people all over the world.

For the second year running, RYU is proud to sponsor the Workout to Conquer Cancer to inspire participation and raise funds in support of critical life saving cancer research. Last year we raised over $15,000 and this year we’re hoping to beat that number with your support!

If you’d like to join our team, register and/or donate to this amazing cause click here.

Community and Commitment

We asked 5 members of our community about what inspired them to get involved. Read on to hear why they’re major advocates for the challenge.

  1. Why did you choose to be involved in The Workout to Conquer Cancer?

    Liam Fisher: Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It affects us all and the costs can be extreme. Over the 6 years my sister received treatment, it was unbelievable how far and how quickly they would change. New, promising therapies became available almost every time she was back in for surgery. Funds provided through programs, like Workout to Conquer Cancer, help to contribute to funding the research that makes these procedures possible. So to me it’s more than a challenge, it’s a duty. It affects us all, but together we can help, we can provide hope and we can inspire. This is why I choose to be involved.

  2. How will you stay motivated and accountable to workout every day throughout the month of May?

    Brittany Mitchell: I’ll stay motivated because I’m fighting for a cause that’s near to my heart. I’m fighting for the friends that I’ve lost who can no longer fight because they were taken from us by cancer.

    Nik Vasilyev: I live by the words written in my agenda. If something is written down, it gets done. At the top of every week I’m going to have a sentence that says “I’m privileged to…. run, lift, breathe, kayak” and follow through with those statements by actioning them.

  3. Do you recommend any local places for people to break a sweat?

    Tamara O’Brien: I’d recommend anywhere that you can get outside! The air is fresh and the weather is warming up! And the park is free which is a bonus for anyone who can’t afford a gym membership! Hit up the local community centre or even rent a bike for an hour or two. Get creative with how you decide to get your body moving!

    Jessica Chen: There are so many options! I live in Kitsilano, so my go-to places are Crossfit Kitsilano, Dynasty Gym, Oxygen Yoga, Turf, Ride Cycle Club and of course RYU (especially now that spring is here!).


  • Challenge runs from May 1-31
  • During the month of May, complete at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity
  • All funds raised go towards cancer research and enhancements to care

Whether you do the challenge on your own or with a fellow team member, we are all only 31 days away from better health and a world free from cancer.

No matter what your current activity level looks like, this is an opportunity to achieve a new goal and support a worthy cause. All it takes is 30 minutes a day of physical activity for a month.


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