RYU TEAM / Dec 04, 2018

RYU is the apparel brand that is built around you, the individual.
We understand that everyone’s universe is unique, with different needs.
Our apparel enhances your universe by respecting the person inside.
It’s all in our name after all.
We’re here to help you achieve more than gym goals, RYU is here for your life goals.


RESPECT is in us all and our Connectors in our feature have their own take on what Respect means to them and their universe. Meet the team below.

Pauli “The PSM”

Pauli the PSM is a multi-instrumentalist and creative best. He began his career as an award-winning drummer and key member of Gorillaz. Pauli branched out, crafting his own music and music directing for artists including Jamie XX and FKA Twigs. In 2017, Pauli released his “visual EP,” titled “The Idea of Tomorrow” to critical success.

Jess 2 Sick

Jess 2 Sick is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and creative curator. She spent her formative years in Seattle competition in the city’s street battle circuit before moving to New York to broaden her creative work.


Lefty is a street artist and painter. Best known for his intricately-laid out squiggles, Lefty combines a fine art attention to form with an aggressive, invasive aesthetic. His lines now encompass large scale installations, numerous national campaigns, and the forefront of virtual creativity. Beyond his native city of Chicago, Lefty’s marks have reached cities all over the US, Europe, and Asia with the ultimate intention to cover everything.

Mimi Quiquine

Mimi Quiquine is a makeup artist and visual creative. Led by a keen visual eye and playfulness with color, she has worked with brands including Louis Vuitton, Nike, Vice, Fader, Vogue, Stussy, and more. Originally from England, Mimi moved to New York to pursue her work.

Cory Vanderploeg

Cory is a photographer and filmmaker that has worked with brands including Thom Browen, Vogue, L’Oreal, The Coveteur, Veuve Clicquot, and more. Born in Toronto, Canada, Cory moved to New York to work with Platon and pursue his own, much-sought-after photographic work.

Ariella Freid

Ariella Freid is a fitness trainer. A former dancer that battled injuries throughout her career, Ariella became a trainer to help strengthen her body and help others move without pain.

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