The role of RYU is to respect individuality, the unique person inside the tech apparel we create. It is knowing at our core that we are all connected and that it’s our differences that make us extraordinary. Through that, we have developed a social community that helps enhance all elements that create your universe.

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RYU TEAM / Feb 26, 2019

Where Urban art meets urban apparel. Terry Urban, a prolific Brooklyn-based artist, has transitioned from graffiti to Turntablism to painting throughout his career. We approached Terry to collaborate with us and take part in our first ART/RYU installment. Lucky for us, he was all in. The inaugural event took place... Read More


SEAN COLLINS / Jan 29, 2019

Mental health is a prominent issue in today’s society. Like most people, I feel like I have gone through some tough stages in my life where my mind-set has been tested. When I was growing up, I was overweight. I had some very hurtful things said to me, which resulted... Read More


Hiiro Prince / Jan 29, 2019

I've lived my entire life with chronic and severe mental health disorders, primarily on the spectrum of non-verbal learning and mood disorders. There was never a time in my life where I felt that my brain was the same as someone else's. I was left feeling alone and craving a... Read More


RYU TEAM / Jan 29, 2019

Bell Let’s Talk Day, which started in September 2010, kick-started a new and open conversation surrounding Canada’s mental health. Bell’s total donation towards mental health programs across Canada total $93,423,628.80 and they’re well on their way to the $100 million mark.We stand with Bell, as we are both raising awareness,... Read More

RYU: Community Impact November

RYU TEAM / Jan 09, 2019

The centre of our Universe is community. From raising money for charities, hosting health and fitness events or providing free workouts in our various locations, RYU is committed to making a difference in the communities where we live, work and play. Each month we are actively engaged with our communities and... Read More