RYU Team / Nov 29, 2016

What’s in your bag takes a look at the daily essentials our brand connectors take with them everywhere. “I’ve found my true home”, says Connor when asked about working at RYU Apparel. “Being in the room when the company was formed was the start of something very special for me – it changed my life, literally.

RYU exists to facilitate human performance and I get to provide opportunities for our community, both locally and globally, to get connected, educated and/or reach their health, fitness and overall life goals.”

As the Brand Connector, Connor is working towards reaching and inspiring 1 million individuals around the world by spreading the word and growing the community here at RYU by connecting them to our brand and mission.

It’s a tall order, but Connor is up to the challenge with a relentless work ethic and passion for all things RYU.


You rarely see Connor in the gym or walking around town not wearing head to toe RYU – but it is even more rare to catch him without his trusted Locker Pack. We stopped him on the spot one day, got him to empty it out and show us ‘What’s in your bag’ – this is what we found.

  1. Protein

    Post workout. At work. Mid-day snack. Nobody has time to eat a whole chicken breast between meetings. Life at RYU is always on the go – the convenience factor here is essential to me.

  2. RYU Socks

    Literally keep a fresh pair in my bag for those “just in case” scenarios. Wasn’t planning on working out or stepping in a puddle but I’m covering my bases just in case.

  3. Umbrella

    Raincouver. Wet Coast. It’s Fall and it’s always raining here – we live in a rainforest after all. Umbrellas are just an extension of every Vancouverite’s right arm this time of year. Never leave home without it.

  4. iPhone

    Music. Emails. Meetings. Social media. Staying connected 24/7 means having my phone handy all the time (too much of the time sometimes). I do try to take breaks away from it for my sanity, especially on weekends, but it is kind of essential to my life right now, as many will agree.

  5. Insulated Bottle

    This should be renamed the Lifesaver Bottle. Keeping hydrated all day is a struggle when one meeting rolls straight into the next, but having your water stay ice-cold (or your tea hot) from the beginning to the end of the day makes it an easy grab at my desk or especially when I’m heating up during a workout. Your body is made up of 80% water – it’s essential to my health and my performance in and out of the gym and the office.




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