RYU Connectors – Our Community Leaders

At RYU, it is our way of being to respect your choices, your journey and ultimately your universe. It is our vision to inspire and partner with great people. With these community leaders, we strive to create a better community for us all.

Our RYU Connectors are comprised of local trainers, athletes, various artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders who are all motivated to do one thing which is to serve others for the greater good. Our goal is to focus on quality partnerships over quantity. Our key influencers and partners are people who get up every morning for something bigger than themselves and inspire others with their enthusiasm and achievements. We call these special individuals “RYU Connectors.”

RYU Connectors

Our Connectors Program is a community of driven and inspirational people who harness their passions to better their communities.


We understand the importance of your universe, and want to promote the values of athletic leaders that train, teach and coach others. We help trainers get into urban athletic gear so that they can focus on sweating hard and motivating their communities.

RYU Affiliate Programs

RYU is part of the Pepperjam affiliate network, which is home to thousands of trusted affiliates and merchants. You can earn commissions by offering your community exclusive promotions, sales and a curated shop. It’s free to register and payments are sent out monthly.