New York


  • Personal Trainer


Ariella freid

Tell Us What Motivates Your Universe

I am motivated by passion, hard work, drive and love. I aspire to be more open, more knowledgeable and more tuned in to my body and my surroundings every day, and I hope to live.

Reasons You Love To Sweat

As a personal trainer in Brooklyn, I love to sweat because it’s evidence of the work that I put in. Knowing that I’m crushing my workout and seeing it reflected on my skin motivates me to keep working, growing and progressing, and that translates into everything I do in my life. You get out what you put in.

Where Are You As It Relates To Achieving Your #LifeGoals?

I have long term and short term life goals, and I am the first person to admit that the goals change often. I set goals both personally and professionally and always try to use achieving one goal as a stepping stone to setting another goal. I don’t believe in working towards one single goal because I wouldn’t know what to do or how to feel after I reached it. Goals give me motivation to continue trying to be a better person every single day.

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