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Jess 2 Sick

Jess 2 Sick

Tell Us What Motivates Your Universe

People, Dance, Youth. The people around me motivate me and push me to continue pursuing my art. People have helped me find stability in respecting my values and my worth. I’m grateful for each lesson that arises. Being the best version of yourself unlocks true potential in unlocking others to be the best version of themselves too. The support of my friends and the random serendipitous moments I have with people are the reason why I continue creating. Dance taught me discipline, confidence, and approaching life with a unique eye. Dance helped me find my identity. I'm here to serve a purpose through movement, through collaboration, and inspiring others to push for what they truly want to do in life. As an NYC dancer, dance drives me and reminds me of why each movement, each moment can be captivating. You have to make the most of your universe. It’s so amazing to see young creatives coming into the scene un-phased, un-tainted, wide-eyed and open. You can really feel their genuine energy. It’s so pure. It’s so captivating. The youth motivates me to approach art with an open mind. Unafraid. Seriously, kids are savages. They say what they want and do things with no filter. Look up "babylucyforeal" and you’ll know what I mean. She’s a prime example of being in tune with embracing your true self and exploring your talents to the fullest! Being young is so exciting, fun, and colorful. Stay young, Stay driven.

Reasons You Love To Sweat

I love to sweat and get my adrenaline going. It’s physical proof that you’re working hard and pushing yourself. It means I’m passionate, I'm dedicated, and I'm focused. If you’re not sweating, you’re not engaged.

Where Are You As It Relates To Achieving Your #Lifegoals?

Life goals are ever-changing and I want to make my 12-year-old self very proud. Each day I achieve a new goal. Each day I’m a better version of myself. My goals are bigger and bigger as I continue to accomplish more in life. I may never reach a final goal… I’m here to be self-improving and to continue succeeding and set a good example for the future generation… anything is possible.

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