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Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez

Tell Us What Motivates Your Universe

My universe is motivated by the fact that there's always room for improvement. This applies to all areas of my life. If I can make one small change daily or even weekly, the sum of all my efforts can add up to big results.

Reasons You Love To Sweat

I love to sweat because it improves my mood and strengthens my body and mind, which is the goal of metabolic conditioning. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I am doing something that will improve my mental state, increase my strength or improve my overall athleticism.

Where Are You As It Relates To Achieving Your #LifeGoals?

When it comes to fulfilling my #lifegoals, I feel like I'm in a good place. There's always going to be something new that I'm looking forward to achieving but for the most part, I feel like there's a lot of beauty in the journey or the grind towards one's goals. This is the part where you learn the most of about yourself!

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