RYU TEAM / Dec 04, 2018

Earlier this year, we introduced the Impact #YourUniverse initiative. Community is at the core of who we are, which is why we created an opportunity to give back to ours and allow you to impact yours. How did we set this up? We offered up to $3000 for you and $1500 to be donated to a charity of your choosing.

Read on to hear about and be inspired by the winner of Impact #YourUniverse – Nicole Marcotte.

The law of attraction.

If we weren’t firm believers in this before, our view would be forever changed by one particular and remarkable individual, Nicole Marcotte.

Nicole is a special education teacher at Aspire Berkeley Maynard Academy in Oakland, California. Although she describes it as “an amazingly challenging job”, she recognizes that she has “the ability to greatly impact [her] students’ lives for the better.”

Donors Choose, an organization that connects the public to public schools, is who Nicole chose to donate her charitable funds to, thus benefiting her classroom and students. Her reason? “Although some of my students have to deal with serious challenges (e.g. brain cancer, autism, intellectual disability, and PTSD), they all have a love for learning and want to do well. School is a safe haven of joy, personal development and inclusion. My charity of choice will provide the tools and resources they need to help each student gain the skills they need to communicate and achieve their personal and academic aspirations.”

Not only does Nicole give back to her community through teaching, she also puts effort into taking care of herself. A true outdoor enthusiast, she is involved in alpine touring, kayaking, backpacking and beyond!

If she isn’t a shining example of #BeautifulTough, we don’t know who is.

  1. What motivates/drives #YourUniverse?

    Living the best life possible drives my actions. I want to live a life of service that values all life forms.

  2. How do you define RESPECT?

    Respect is honoring the life I have and being thoughtful of its preciousness. Whether it be climbing mountains, completing all the sets in a workout plan- even being a special needs teacher. All of my big life choices revolve around valuing my body, soul, and community. I truly feel if more humans appreciated what we have, the world would easier to live in, and thus healthier.

  3. Who is someone you RESPECT and why?

    I respect anyone who is able to continue on in the face of adversity. One of the parents of my students, Tamisha, is someone who comes to mind. At seven her daughter had a stroke and then was diagnosed with brain cancer. Tamisha never gave up and fought for her daughter’s life and well-being. Her strength of character and fortitude of faith is something that I wish that we are all able to have.

If you’re interested in helping to contribute to Nicole’s classroom, click the link here to learn more and donate.

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